Massey Ferguson Vs John Deere

Massey Ferguson and John Deere are two of the biggest brands in agricultural machinery, and they engage in intense competition for your business.

We’ll take a look at both companies and the pros and cons of each brand before discussing which is better in the ultimate MF vs JD showdown.

Massey Ferguson

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Massey Ferguson is an American agricultural machinery manufacturer that was established in 1953 when two large farm equipment manufacturers merged together.

It’s constituent parts had been dominant tractor brands in the global marketplace for more than 170 years.

The Canadian company “Massey-Harris” and British “Ferguson Company” merged to form Massey-Harris-Ferguson, simplified to Massey Ferguson in 1958.

The company mostly makes agricultural equipment and machinery however it has also performed contracts with the United States military.

At the time of writing this article, the main headquarters for the company is based in Duluth, Georgia, however, their tractors are manufactured overseas in Beauvais, France about 50 miles north of Paris

This facility won Factory of the Year in 2016 and is solely dedicated to producing tractors that can meet the ever-increasing demands of farmers worldwide.

Massey Ferguson tractors have a good reputation. They are reliable, durable, and easy to maintain. Some models are superior to others but overall, the company’s entire line meets a good standard.

Their smaller compact tractors are so efficient you could mistake one for a higher-horse-powered piece of machinery, and deliver impressive returns on your financial investment. Size isn’t everything!

Each piece of machinery has maintenance-free components meaning you won’t have to worry about certain parts wearing out when you are in the field.

Their cabs tend to be more spacious than other brands and if you have been in a tractor before you understand the importance of leg room. Often cab layouts can be quite claustrophobic so it is good to know that Massey Ferguson tractors provide a more comfortable experience during your many hours behind the wheel.

If you invest in a piece of Massey Ferguson equipment you can expect a well-built product and a two-year, or 2,000-hour, full warranty.

Dealers and distributors are easy to find, so there will always be someone close by to assist with any issues and for general support.

John Deere

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John Deere is the brand name of Deere & Company which is an American manufacturer of agricultural machinery, heavy equipment, forestry machinery, and more that was first founded in 1837.

The ubiquitous logo has been recognized by farmers and layperson alike for over 185 years and the company’s slogan “Nothing Runs Like A Deere” is a testament to the power and durability of their machines.

At the time of this writing, the headquarters for the company is based in Moline, Illinois in the US but John Deere tractors are manufactured in both the United States and Canada with many of the most popular models assembled in America which is a big selling point for this brand.

Like Massey Ferguson, some models of John Deere tractors are more powerful and operate better than others, but overall John Deere is a reliable and solid brand.

John Deere machines are known to last a long time, giving you value for money every time and they are also known to hold their value meaning they depreciate the least from retail value compared to other brands so you can sell your machine for a good price if and when the time comes.

The company will admit that some models have more issues than others, which is refreshingly honest from a large multinational corporation.

In an attempt to rectify common problems, John Deere provides troubleshooting support for their customers so that the issues can be quickly resolved and work can resume without unnecessary delay.

They even provide answers for customers dealing with situations as simple as uneven grass cutting, demonstrating that this company really cares about the customer and will work hard to ensure that they are able to give the equipment owners exactly what they need and deserve well after the money has changed hands.

There is even a magazine, called the Green Magazine, that is especially devoted to John Deere enthusiasts. A testament to the loyalty that millions of people have to this brand. The magazine was begun in 1984 and includes tips, tricks, and customer buying guides as well as much more. It published a monthly issue that continues to be popular amongst agricultural enthusiasts.

Massey Ferguson Vs John Deere

There is no hands-down winner in the age-old battle of Massey Ferguson vs John Deere. Both brands are known and available for purchase globally due to their strong reputations, and replacement parts can also be purchased readily in most countries.

Although each of these large companies is American, only John Deere has kept almost all of its operations stateside, with factories manufacturing equipment in Iowa, Tennessee, and Wisconsin providing more work for those living in these more rural parts of the United States which directly benefits the American economy and worker.

Massey Ferguson moving its manufacturing to Europe damaged its all-American image.

Generally, John Deere is favored over Massey Ferguson but there are new global names that make certain pieces of equipment to a higher standard than that of John Deere and Massey Ferguson brands.

These brands include Fendt and New Holland and others.

When you are choosing between Massey Ferguson and John Deere it is best to look at the specifics for the type of equipment you are hoping to invest in and compare the two machines against one another. They both have similar features such as PTO’s, draft control, loader arms, etc.

Always go for the best machine to ensure it can carry out the work you need rather than deciding based on brand familiarity only. This will help you to make an educated decision on whether Massey Ferguson or John Deere is better for you under the circumstances.

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