About Us

When it comes to machine parts and construction equipment, it is vital that you have a good understanding of them. Heavy machinery requires a certain level of skill and knowledge to operate. You need to ensure you are working the machinery both correctly and safely. 

This is why I have decided to set up my site, Compact Operator, as a way of sharing my knowledge of machinery with others. Through this website, I will be talking you through everything you need to know about machinery, covering machine parts and all types of construction equipment. Compact Operator will serve as the ultimate guide for everything you need to know. 

From skid steer attachments, to things such as root grapples and land planes, I will be discussing the importance of each item and how they should be correctly used. While the machinery world can seem like a minefield to amateurs, once you have a basic level of understanding, it all becomes a lot simpler to navigate.

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Meet The Team

Ryan Genkin is a retired business owner with over 12,000 hours of experience operating and maintaining skid steers, telehandlers, and excavators. His passion for heavy machinery began early in his career when he started his construction and landscaping business.

Throughout the years, Cohen has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience working with these machines in various industries. He retired from the business world to pursue his passion for writing about heavy machinery and share his expertise with others in the industry.

Ryan's articles can be found on various industry blogs and publications, where he provides in-depth information and real-world experience on using and maintaining skid steers, telehandlers and excavators. He is dedicated to providing valuable insights and practical advice to help others in the industry make the most of their equipment.

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